D&AD Annual 2014

D&AD approached Rice Creative to create artwork for the front and end pages of their 2014 annual. They wanted the artwork to represent Saigon, where the studio was based. We started thinking about all the ephemeral objects that are littered (figuratively and literally speaking) all over the city. What we considered to be kitsch or ugly, can be unique and beautiful if looked at it in a different perspective. We scoured the city (used bookstores, markets, stationary stores, supermarkets, bike shops, etc), collected and curated many, many, many objects. We also used materials that were from personal collections from over the years. We assembled these found ephemera into a series of 5 collages based on themes.

These collages were later exhibited at an art gallery in Saigon.

Creative direction: Joshua Breidenbach & Chi-An De Leo
Designers: Audrey Phan, Arne Begher
Studio photography: Wing Chan

Work created at Rice Creative